Where did the name North Star come from?

North Star Delicatessen Logo
North Star Delicatessen Logo

It’s not easy coming up with a clear, simple name for something that means so many things to so many people. Essentially, when we first had the idea of opening a delicatessen, we wanted to create a destination for food lovers. As the North Star has been used historically for navigation, we wanted to build a place that would attract food lovers towards it like a magnetic force, a guiding light. After getting bogged down with too-clever variations and word-plays on the word ‘Gastronomy’, we settled on North Star.

We’re also incredibly proud of living in the North of England. National food journalists and publications seem to be rather London-centric, so it was pretty important for us to make that distinction and prove that us Northerner’s also have a huge interest in producing and cooking wonderful food.

Deanna and Patrick Thomas, the original founder and architect had the great fortune to happen to live next door to one of Manchester’s leading graphic designers, the hugely talented Trevor Johnson, who agreed to design our logo. We wanted something modern and eye-catching with clean edges that would have immediate visual impact – just like the deli itself. So, now you know. Do you like it?

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