Thurs 29th Sept – ‘On the Game’ menu

That’s right, the rumours are true. On September 29th, we’re going on the game.

The grouse season began on the ‘Glorious 12th’ of August, but many of the better known and slightly bigger birds like pheasant aren’t in season until the beginning of October. Then of course, they need hanging for a good few days to let the flavour develop and to tenderise the meat.

We decided to choose partridge for this menu, which comes from the pheasant family, and it’s pretty likely that we’ll be serving one per customer whole, on the bone. So wear something you don’t mind getting a little splashed and prepare to get stuck in!

Game Soup with port

Partridge with Moroccan spices and Roast Root Vegetables

Puddings from the orchard

Vegetarian option

Pumpkin and cinnamon soup

Grilled aubergines with spicy chickpeas, walnut sauce and pomegranate molasses

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