Chinese New Year Extravaganza

For me, born and raised in China, February is the month to look forward to for Chinese New Year.  It’s a time to prepare for the Spring Festival feast. I remember all the delicious food my grandma used to make for the family gathering, commonly known as ‘Nian ye fan’, literally ‘dinner on New Year’s Eve’.


Having lived in England for twelve years, I often go back to China to celebrate the festival. This year, I’ll be spending the time in Manchester. Whilst making arrangements with friends about how to celebrate, I thought; why not put on a feast for everyone who wants to experience an authentic, traditional dinner for this special occasion. Whether family, friends or customers, you’re all welcome to join us, and I’ll be your chef for the night.

I adore Chinese cuisine, and love to prepare it myself. Living away from China has encouraged me to recreate the home-style food  I remember, that restaurants can’t match . Thanks to my heritage, and my grandma with whom I always prepared dinner as a child, I have developed a confidence and technique in the kitchen.  I hope you will enjoy my food as much as I do and those I have cooked for.

Gong Pao Chicken
Gong Pao Chicken

I’ll be drawing on herbs, spices, styles and flavours from a variety of regions and traditions.  From fiery Szechuan comes the renowned Gong Pao chicken, with it’s tangy peppercorns and piquant chilli.  A traditional flavour combination from the plains of the great southwest;  Mongolian cumin lamb. And, from the subtropical climes of Shanghai, sticky and tender sweet and sour ribs.

Jenny at Supper Club
Jenny at Supper Club 2011

The dinner will be served in the Chinese sharing style, and whether you choose to share a table with new friends or have some romantic time to yourself, you’ll get to sample all the dishes on the menu here.

Hope to see you at the ‘Nian Ye Fan’!

Best regards,