About us

Chorlton seems to attract a significant proportion of Manchester’s die-hard food lovers and who can blame them? It’s home to a diverse number of excellent, well-established, independent food retailers, restaurants and bars.
We thought you may be interested to hear how North Star Delicatessen began back in 2003 so we’re going to tell you in a series of mini blogs over the next few weeks. How did we come up with the name? Who’s behind it? Why did we choose to set up store in Chorlton? Tell us if there’s anything you’d like to know about us and we’ll try and include it.

Briefly, this family run business, was started in 2003 by brothers Adam Berlyne, John Berlyne and their sister Deanna Thomas, a local chef.
Firstly, we needed to get the basics right, and for us, one of the most important things was coffee. We wanted customers to walk past other places that served coffee because ours was considered the best in Manchester. We needed to find a supplier that felt the same and would create our own house-blend coffee, supply an amazing machine and offer constant barista training opportunities. So after a few visits, we settled on Coopers, and have been with them ever since.

North Star Deli is also fully licensed for selling alcohol both on and off the premises. We sell Veltins German lager on draft and our house wines are organic and from Sicily . We put a lot of work into researching our wine range, specifically looking for wines that compliment food – as we’re sure you’ll appreciate, this is our favourite part of product research.
As you would expect from a high quality deli that’s been going eight years, our refrigerated display counters are filled with a range of delicious dishes made by our own chefs in our open kitchen. Everything is freshly made on the premises, produced from locally sourced ingredients and available to eat in or take away.